There is little to say about the loss of Robin Williams that hasn't already been said, and said better than I could. Unsurprisingly, I think Anne Lamott says it best of all - but it's only been twenty- four house since his death and I'm sure more beautiful things will be shared in the days and weeks to come. 

What I want to add - as someone who struggles with mental illness and loves so many others who do, as well - is to ask you to please, please say something. Speak up. Ask for help. Wave the white flag when someone asks how you are and the honest answer is "not okay." 

It can be so hard as mamas, when our job is taking care of others.  When we don't want our babies to see us crying.  When we are constantly told to soak up every moment of these best days.  When we are completely enamored with these little ones -- to listen to that small, nagging voice that persistently cries that something is just not right.  

You are not alone.  You are not a bad mom.  You are not a bad wife.  You are not a bad friend.

You are loved.  You are wanted.  You deserve help - and it's out there.  Asking for it is often the hardest part.

Postpartum depression is something that is (finally) being talked about a little bit more openly.  My struggle was most acute during my pregnancy, which isn't discussed as frequently.  Although I can and do laugh about it now - at the time, my anxiety felt anything but funny.  The Emory Women's Mental Health Program literally gave me my life back.  I cannot say enough good things about the phenomenal team at work there - and there are places like this popping up all over the country.  Finally, finally, we are saying that mamas deserve care, too.  So if you need it -- please, please ask.

I'm posting in the middle of the day because this needs to be talked about all the time - not just when the lights are off.