Fifteen Minute Chunks

I was talking this week with my coach, Elizabeth, about how I feel like I live my life in fifteen minute chunks. I was lamenting the loss of long, unstructured time to really sink myself into a piece - whether writing my own or reading someone else's - and how I feel like there are tons of things I don't want to start doing because there is no way I'll ever finish. If the things I want to write take over an hour, there is no sense in even starting -- or is there?

Lately, Betsy naps best when she's sleeping on me. It's a tough trade off that I make two or three times a day -- do I want a short nap and alone time, or a long nap with her on my chest? Like many mamas, I absolutely crave alone time in this season of breastfeeding,  baby wearing and teething (Lord, the teething).  But Betsy needs rest and so do I.  Sitting and rocking her is a time of stillness for both of us, time I'm trying to embrace particularly as she becomes more mobile. 

Betsy napping on me means I spend a lot of time with Nate's nemesis - my iPhone.  More specifically, the Facebook app on my iPhone. I am more caught up on the lives of acquaintances than ever before - but, like so many studies have shown, I end up feeling lonelier as a result. I certainly don't feel relaxed and refreshed after I scroll through my feed, and yet I spend an awful lot of time doing it. 

I think Facebook can be a really fun thing - this post isn't about that. Rather, I'm trying to be more mindful about how I use my down time. It turns out there's a lot I can get done in fifteen minutes. For instance: 

-I can write a short blog post, or at least a part of one. I really enjoy writing on my phone (who knew?) and I feel great when I'm actively creating.  

-I can read something wonderful. Instead of thirty status updates, I can read a vignette from a favorite author and come away with a new perspective on things.

The books I'm reading have changed in this season. I sat down to read Sense & Sensibility and actually got through seven chapters in a weekend -- but I kept getting the many Mrs. Dashwoods confused, and I could never pick up the story easily without having to go back and reread a chapter.   

Some of my favorites lately have been Home Game by Michael Lewis, Seven by Jen Hatmaker and anything by Anne Lamott.  

-I can meditate. I finally remembered to bring headphones with me when I nursed Betsy to sleep today, and I'm excited to find a moment of stillness on this Friday afternoon.  I love anything from Health Journeys and I also really enjoy the app Meditation Oasis.

What are your favorite naptime activities?